Over the last couple of years I have been writing free verse poetry. One became the basis for a UCLA extension cover.

Recently, I have been corresponding with Juan Felipe Herrera (California’s poet laureate) in the form of playful typography and spelling. The poems are personal observations based on seeing, although other non-visual experiences are included as well. They come from the heart and do not involve clients. We are currently planning poetry-based events, in collaboration with friend and talented graphic designer, Andrew Byrom.

My long career has focused on the visual experience, influenced initially by my father’s gift for art. Words, however, are an extension of my mother’s linguistic talent.

leaves dance a slow murmur
lit by the sea-washed fading sky
pleading to flourish.bamboo? a concerto on the empty lawnfiligree of absence of sound
such an extended reach
such a moment such a tapestry
where ground is figure
and figure is ground.