Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Orlando, FL & Villiers-Sur-Marne, France

Walt Disney World & Euro Disney

Signage, Wayfinding, Print & Vehicular Graphics

Walt Disney World encompasses an area larger than the city of San Francisco; all visitors arrive by highway or freeway.    Sussman/Prejza’s task was to develop a vehicular signing system that would be unique in spirit, clean, easy to follow, and capable of being expanded as the area continues to grow. The theme park was divided into several major “districts.” A hierarchy of signs was established to first lead visitors toward a specific district, and once there, toward a distinct destination. The 1,000 sign system includes large freeway signs, major and minor road directionals, regulatory signs, gateways, and bus graphics.

For Euro Disney, the resort-wide pedestrian wayfinding system included directional, tram and regulatory signs that assist pedestrians traveling between the lakefront hotels and Euro Disney’s major theme park. Information points with maps provide orientation at key locations.

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