Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Racine, Wisconsin

SC Johnson Fortaleza Hall

Signage, Wayfinding, Environmental Graphics, Uniforms & Merchandise

S/P’s branding and environmental graphics for the new Fortaleza Hall for SC Johnson’s headquarters was inspired by landmark events in the company’s history – two expeditions to Fortaleza, Brazil that represent the company’s pioneering spirit and innovation. S/P’s work is found throughout this community center that houses a dining facility and range of employee amenities. In the Fitness Center, the importance and beauty of the carnauba palm, together with the colors of the Brazilian flag, are celebrated in the murals and uniforms. The palm’s fronds are “larger than life” to create the feeling of being immersed in nature. SCJ’s products and packaging from early to mid-1900s were interpreted in murals, shopping bags, uniforms and merchandise found in the company store. The colors of the Sikorsky airplane– the central feature of the building–are incorporated in the packaging, table settings, and uniforms designed for the dining room, Alimento.

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