Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Boston, MA

Paramount Theatre, Emerson College

Signage & Exhibitry

Emerson College, a performing arts and broadcasting school, is located in the heart of Boston’s historic theatre district. In keeping with their original intent of preserving Boston theatres, they are presently restoring the interiors of the Art Deco Paramount Theatre and are rebuilding the adjacent Bijou Theatre, famously known as the birthplace of Vaudeville, as classrooms and dormitories – only the historic façade remains to be restored. Sussman/Prejza is developing signing programs for both buildings and a series of graphic exhibits throughout the various levels of the Bijou building. The exhibits will deal with Boston’s history as a theatre town; the various significant theatres that existed; Vaudeville as an art form and its various performers and stars; and the Bijou Theatre in its heyday. Artifacts salvaged from both buildings are on display in addition to the graphics.

Photography by Anton Grassi.

Educational & Institutional