Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Orlando, Florida

Dr. Phillips Center

Identity, Signing, Amenities, Color & Interiors

SP & CO was engaged to develop the Dr. Phillips Center interiors, branding, wayfinding and donor recognition systems. As with all of our projects we have approached the Dr. Phillips Center as an opportunity to extend our vision into the spatial and environmental aspects of the project.

The closed shape of the logo is derived from the movement the conductor’s baton makes in the 4/4 time signature which is a very common signature for most styles of music. The shape suggests the movement of a twirling dancers skirt, natural forms, and the surrounding architectural spaces to create an identity that is unique and dynamic.

Related brand graphics feature include a sculptural and fluid translation of the logo as well as boldly colored patterning system that is applied to wall surfaces gracing the entrances to the individual performance spaces.

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Cultural, Entertainment & Sports