Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Culver City, CA

Culver City & East Washington Boulevard

Identity, Amenities, Pageantry Signage & Wayfinding

While affectionately known as “The Heart of Screenland” or the “other” Hollywood, Culver City’s unique identity and heritage were often lost in the homogenous sprawl of Los Angeles. Working with landscape architects, traffic engineers, and community stakeholders, Sussman/Prejza developed vibrant banners, dynamic street furniture and bus shelters, dramatic lighting, and lush landscaping to revitalize the profile of East Washington Boulevard, a major thoroughfare that had fallen into disrepair. Following the design of this award-winning streetscape, Sussman/Prejza was commissioned to design a new civic identity with applications including the public transit system and a street signing program for the revitalized historic downtown.

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Civic & Governmental